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    It's Raining Money, So I Got Problems

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have created money by scaning actual dollars front and back > cleaning it up in PS > placing the front and back sides into a pre-comp so that it can spin it around in random ways.

      So like a nfl star in a strip club, I gotta make it rain.


      I have red giant almost everything, and before i get started i wanted to know whether Red Giant can make this easier than create the naturally falling money.

      Natural falling money bends bases on drag coeffieience and it als some time spins on one of its axis. No 2 fall the same.


      to make this worse it has to land and settle on the floor (not 100% neccessary but i would really like that).



      AE CS5 ( It is a part of my Masters Suite)

      Red Giant Ultimate Suite (bought may 2011)



      What would be the easiest way to complete this effect?