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    flashing horizontal lines in avchd

    arikw Level 1

      i just stared working with a new camcorder (sony hdr-pj760ve)


      the footage i import from the new camcorder is: avchd (.MTS)


      25 fps


      i let prpr cs6 (pc) to choose the sequence type (by dragging the footage to the icon for new sequence).


      after down loading the footage to the time line a yellow line appear. (why? isn't avchd native to prp cs6? why do i need to render it? the project is hdv)


      in addition all horizontal lines (like fences etc) in the footage were flashing (didn't happened when i playback the original footage with vlc).  


      rendering helped to reduce the flashing but it is still there.


      any way to avoid it?


      (when i exported the footage and play it back again with vlc the flashing disappeared).