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    Please help with freeze frames!

    1080maniac Level 1

      I am going insane trying to figure our freeze frames in Premiere Pro CS6. I've read this and this and I find the instructions completely unhelpful. Basically, I want to freeze the last portion of a credit roll. This is what I have tried so far:


      I change the clip's rubber band to Time Remapping: Speed, and then Ctrl+Click on the rubber band to create a keyframe. Next, I Ctrl+Alt+Drag the speed keyframe to where I want it to end, but what happens is a) the freeze frame does not work as expected at all, and b) the action lengthens the clip for whatever reason--which is unacceptable to me.


      This is extremely frustrating. What am I doing wrong? What's the easiest way to accomplish what I want to do? Thank you!