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    Disappeared layer after Indesign Recovery


      Hello everybody,


      I'm quite new to Indesign and until now I have hardly had any problems but today I tried to open my Indesign file which I have been working on for some weeks now and it asked me to "recover" - with no apparent reason (no sudden crash or anything like that).


      So everything restored rightly but one layer which contained text frames on Masterpages (just empty text frames, nothing else). The layer was still there but named differently ("level 12" instead of "TEXT_FRAME") and the strange thing is that the content of those text frames remains on the pages where I have applied the master on and filled with text. But now I can't change it or move it around because the box is not there anymore.


      "Hide Frame Edges" is not checked and all the other layers work perfectly. It's just the text frames which have disappeared leaving the content behind.


      If someone could help I would really appreciate any explication to avoid something like that in the future or maybe even repair the damage...