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    FB3 and FB2 - how much reworking of code?

    JennHysuick Level 1
      We are looking at upgrading from FB2 to FB3, and those who cut the cheques want to know how much time/energy it will take to re-do code written in 2. I can't see there being any, but I just need that confirmation from someone. I can understand that code written in 3 will not work in 2 (especially if using the new features), but I would think 3 is backwards compatible with 2.

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          cxf02 Level 1
          There are very few code problems to fix. It's not really about the code being incompatible, as there are many classes that remain the same, it's mainly about the project file information for eclipse.

          Just install FLEX 3, then import or copy your FB 2 code over to the workspace and you should see success. If there are any problems, then start by manually copying the application, then dependent objects as you build and find issues with missing objects and resources.

          I don't know how large your apps are, but you should be able to have them going within a day at the most.

          Did you find your math stuff?
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            JennHysuick Level 1
            Thanks for the response. I'm just waiting to hear from our computer store as to our licensing prices, and will be upgrading once I get my license.

            Still no math stuff for Flex. I found a pretty good php version, so I will try converting that and see how it goes. I'm hoping to have something workable by the end of the week!
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              ntsiii Level 3
              This was my experience as well. Few code changes. Though, some people have reported some issues with font sizes being different, and with WebService behaviors being different.

              One important note: it is NOT necessary to convert your all of Flex 2.0x projects to Flex 3.0 immediately.

              You can compile existing projects using the 2.0 sdk until you are ready to convert them. In fact, I think that when you import the projects, they will automatically be set to the 2x compiler.