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    How to get specified location after Rotate3D?




      I have a picture (image1, (0,0), w=500, h=500), after rotate3D (center, -45 degrees) by x-axis, how did I do to caculate the new 3D (or 2D) position at particular point (assume the original point position is (30,60))?



         // a particular point in the picture.

         var wantedPoint:Point = new Point(30,60);


        // rotate image around X-axis -45 degrees

        var rotate3D:Rotate3D = new Rotate3D(myImage);

                                              rotate3D.angleXTo = -45;

                                              rotate3D.autoCenterTransform = true;



        // some process to caculate the new wantedPoint




      I find some properties [myImage.postLayoutTransformOffsets.x/y/z] , but it seems that not all of offsets are same in whole picture. Please give me a hand or a hint (or answer better ), thanks.