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    RHCL not picking up TOC or index


      Hi there,


      We've been using RoboHTML 9.0.2 for our documentation. We are linking to our legacy word documents, and generating webhelp from those. This has been working fine.


      We are not looking at scripting the process. We are trying to use RHCL from the command line to update the webhelp nightly. The problem is that the index and the TOC is not being included in the generated file.


      I created a quick test project with all of our normal settings, and it works fine from the RoboHTML gui. When I indicated that I wanted to import the TOC and the index from the work document, I was prompted to input a new name for each. Thus for the Index I have an empty auto-generated index with the same name as the project ("Demo_Wrapper"), which was originally marked as default. I have another index, which has the name that I gave ("DW_Ind"). This Index is up-to-date, and full of the correct information. I have a similar setup for the table of contents.


      We can't figure out why everything is fine in the script-generated webhelp apart from these aspects. For example, the skin is copied across properly.


      Any help is more than welcome.




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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee

          Hello Steve,


          You can follow these steps :


          1) Open RobohelpHTML and double click on the output which you want to generate from RHCL (Launch Robohelp HTML 9 -> Under Single Source Layout Pod -> Double Click on WebHelp)


          2) Webhelp Settings window will appear, under Content Categories choose your Default content


          3) Choose your Index & TOC from Drop Down Menu and save the changes


          4) Generate WebHelp output from RHCL command, TOC and Index should appear this time


          Note : Assuming you are generating WebHelp


          Hope this helps !!




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            stevemorrell Level 1

            Hi Vikram,


            Yes, that did it. Thanks!!


            Can I ask why this is picked up from the SSL, but not when I've marked my created index/toc as default in the project manager?


            Thanks again,


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              VikramGaur Adobe Employee



              When you generate WebHelp ouput from RHCL command, it check for TOC and Index which are saved on the SSL.


              I got this same issue, about 6 months ago and what I found that when "default" is selected for TOC and Index, RHCL does not pick that and when you manually select your TOC, Index and save it, RHCL picks that.