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    SWF and interactive PDF


      Good afternoon all,


      I have created a 3 page swf brochure (as I would like to maintain the interactive page curl) and inserted onto the first page of an indesign document with 2 pages.  The second page is an interactive form created in indesign with text fields and a "Submit form" button.  I have then exported the whole document to an interactive pdf.


      What I would like is for the user to be able to click on a button on the last page of the swf and it take them to the form which is essentially the 2nd page of the pdf document (although it looks like the 4th page).


      Is there anyway of of doing this please so that the user can continue to interactively click through the pages as opposed to using adobe to move to the "second page" please?


      Apologies if this doesn't make sense.


      Best regards, Claire.

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          Folobo Level 1

          Please Claire, can you elaborate better the question?  f

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            ClaireV2012 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply Folobo.


            I have created an indesign 3 paged Ipad sized brochure which I exported to swf (mainly because of the page curling).  I have also created an interactive form - in indesign again - which enables users to submit their details to my email address through the form.  I didn't include the form within the swf (which would have been perfect) as it appears the interactivity in an swf doesn't stretch to entering text fields (not sure if this is correct but it didn't work when I tested it).


            I then created another indesign document with 2 pages (1 to place the swf and 1 to hold the form so that I could then export as an interactive pdf).  I was hoping that I could somehow link the final page of the swf with the 2nd page of the pdf (essentially the 4th page of the brochure) so that the reader could "flick" through as opposed to having to select the 2nd page of the pdf from the toolbar.


            Hope this is clearer?

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              Folobo Level 1


              Sorry for my english.

              You can use hyperlink, bookmarks, or better button + bookmarks.

              As you know this document will not work on ipad.



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                ClaireV2012 Level 1

                Good afternoon Folobo,


                Thank you for your reply.  I have now set up a button within acrobat by using the "Select Object" tool within the Content section.  I selected my swf file page and added a button that when clicked will go to the second page in the document (the page with the form).  Which works great except that when you first click the button it flashes the page with the form then takes you back to the page with the button.  If you click the button a second time it goes to the form fine.... 


                Just wondering if you have ever come across this problem please?  I have attached an image of the setup of the button.


                Many thanks, Claire.


                Button problem.png

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                  did you ever come up with a solution to this? I'm having a similar problem because I want to have interactive page curls and an interactive form in the same interactive pdf.