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    Media clip cannot be played


      I have embedded swf into pdf. When I try to run my animation I do receive java script alert:


      Acrobat has encountered an error while playing this media clip: The media clip cannot be played in the manner that the author intended. you may need to upgrade your player software or install new player software. Adobe(R) Flash(R) Player


      PDF: I try to open embedded swf with app.media.openPlayer (PDF is generated from Tex)

      Reader version: I do receive the same error for 9 a X versions of Adobe reader

      PC settings: Windows 7, Flash version 11,3,300,262, installed for IE and other browsers (Firefox)

      Build Settings: ActionScriptProject, Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, Flex 4.6, cs5 UI controls

      Animation is running without problem in browser, ...


      Animations were running  well when I built them with older builder version.

      When I build same animation in Adobe Flash Builder 4.6  with  Flex 3.6A then it is running but I have problem with animation size.


      Could not find any solution on the web. Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?

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          Mike69 Level 1

          Solution: Build project with Flex 4.1A. (original SDK for flash builder 4.0.) Steps:

          1. Download SDK 4.1A from http://sourceforge.net/adobe/flexsdk/wiki/Download%20Flex%204/
          2. Extract archive into SDKs directory and add it into Flash Builder 4.6 list of SDKs
          3. Change SDK for ActionScriptProject

          Final words

          We have built several screen PDFs with embedded flash ( "legacy" rich media way). We have experienced several problems - different versions of SDKs, changes in Acrobat (Reader) versions, incompatible flash versions. Users have to change (break) reader security settings to enable animations.

          I do not suggest to use "legacy" rich media in PDFs. Adobe strongly advises all PDF authors to use Flash media in their PDF files. You can read more here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3450658