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    InDesign CS6 crash with export to PDF


      When exporting to a PDF file (either print or interactive) in InDesign CS6, my program crashes sporadically, but consistently with one particular page. I have retyped that page several times, changing the graphics and bullets…and it still crashes. And now my InDesign CS5.5 is doing the same thing, but only with this page. Another page has exported just fine. The particular problem-causing page is only 1 page long and not a full page. Graphics are bullets (with color) and 4 PDF decorative corners and limited text.


      My Mac is using OSX version 10.7.4. The iMac is an early 2009. This problem just started occurring. All of the discussion threads don't seem to address this particular problem.


      I do rely on InDesign for my work.


      Bob Terry