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    How to regain access to JPEG files after I uninstalled Photoshop 6.0 and reinstalled it

    Bob20441 Level 1

      I had a problem with a tool in my Photoshop 6.0 and decided to completely uninstall it and after that, I rebooted my system and reinstalled the program. That specific tool (paint bucket) and all others work great now. I did notice a problem afterwards though, where if I navigate to MY DOCUMENTS in the bottom toolbar and scroll through my various named folders in that vertical list, no JPEG files are visible. Is there some kind of setting in PS I need to tweak so I can see / access them directly?
      The other head-scratcher is if I go to START>MY DOCUMENTS and access those same various named folders that way, ALL the jpeg files are visible. I have a Maxtor USB drive connected to my CPU and that did not help them to reappear either, so wonder if it's within Photoshop?

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