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    Transitions in a nutshell


      Hi everyone,

      I got two questions regarding the transitions. The first one with the audio : what difference is there between the gain and power transition ?

      For the video transition, it's more practical, most of the time i can drop a video transition perfectly between 2 clips, and the transition overlaps both 50/50. but sometimes, it will only allow me to overlap a few frames of one clip, and 90% of the transition on the other (see image - the cut between both clips is on the red line of the cursor). How come ?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          For Audio Transitions:


          The Constant Gain crossfade changes audio at a constant rate in and out as it transitions between clips. This crossfade can sometimes sound abrupt.



          The Constant Power crossfade creates a smooth, gradual transition, analogous to the dissolve transition between video clips. This crossfade decreases audio for the first clip slowly at first and then quickly falls off at the end of the transition. For the second clip, this crossfade increases audio quickly at first and then more slowly as it reaches the end of the transition.


          I almost always use Constant Power.


          For the placement of Transitions:


          See this articles on Handles. I will explain what is needed for Transitions, and how to set up the Clips, to allow for the full Transition to be spread evenly between the two.


          Hope that helps and good luck,



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            Rocool82 Level 1

            Of course, there were only two possibliities, I had to use the wrong one ... that's the story of my life !! Thanks for all the help, that'll do just fine

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              It sounds like we were twins, separated at birth - if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.


              Hope that the Transitions are all working for you now.