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    iOS PS Express loading photos very slow

    SyberKnight Level 1

      i'm using an iPhone 4s running the latest iOS.


      i downloaded PS Express to try. i liked the effects it has so i did the in-app purchase for both the Effects & Border packs.


      now, everytime i go to "Select Photo" from the main screen, and choose a photo from my library, it just says "Loading" with the spinning wheel over it for FOREVER!!!


      well, obviously not for forever, but it does spin for an extreemly long time. usually, i just quit because it's taking so long to load the pic. i don't get it. they are pics i've taken with my iphone. nothing abnormal about them, so why does it take so long to get it loaded?


      if i use the app to take the picture, it loads right away into the edit mode. so it's just with loading pics from my library.


      anybody got any ideas on why & how to fix this? otherwise, i should go thru the motions to try and reverse my purchase.