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    XML Links in Flash

      Ok I have made a site that needs to have different galleries (swfs) loading in from an XML text field. The problem is if I use the XML command to open a new swf it opens in a new window and I can't have that. Even if I type '_self' it opens a new window.

      I know there is a way of setting up a few nodes in XML with a name and web address, then somehow getting Flash to list these in a textfield, then having the gerURL command to make them into clickable links. As you can see by the vagueness of that last part I have no idea what the XML or Action Script would look...

      Does anybody else know!??



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          IndieMonkey Level 1
          Yep that last post, and the whole of today, FORGET ABOUT IT! After messing about with XML, and HTML in XML, with loads of different AS, posts on other forums.... All I had to do was upload and test it on a server... the easiest ******* '_self' command even works from a simple .txt file imported with basic XML...

          I want those hours back.
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            Damon Edwards Level 3
            Yes, its a simple rule to live by. If the end product will be online, always test online to get the full scope of the end product. Especially when dealing with XML, PHP, etc.

            "I want those hours back."