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    Datefield Bug??

    jedale Level 1
      I was trying to allow a user to select a range of dates so that they can search the database. It works great with one problem that might be considered as a bug. I wanted to see if anybody knows how to solve this problem before I go and report it.

      Here's the problem:
      Using the code attached, once the first select box is populated without scrolling through the months and then the second datefield is populated a problem arises. So once you try to select another date in the first datefield box in a month that is at least 4 to 5 months before, some dates don't display. I thought it was a white on white error but I couldn't change the calender's font color. So I figured that if I didn't display today's date on the first select field that it would take care of the error. This worked when I used "Datename1.showToday = false;" in the start of the RangeStart function. The thing is, I would like to keep today's date selected but haven't found another way around the issue. Does anybody know what I could to do eliminate this problem.