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    Can CS5 files be restricted to only open CS5 when CS6 is installed?


      Our office just recently upgraded to CS6. All of our in-house computers are running CS6 now, but some of our freelancers are still on CS5. How can we make sure that files created in CS5 continue to open in CS5? We need to make sure that old jobs still built in CS5 stay that way so freelancers don't face any formatting issues. We're working on large, complicated  files, so consistency is key.


      I've tried going to Get Info and changing the "Open with:" settings to InDesign CS5, but it overrides to CS6 every time. Is there any way to set things up so files don't automatically open in CS6, or are we just going to have to tiptoe when we open files and make sure we're bringing them into the right version?