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    Photoshop CS6 keeps randomly crashing

    RedOB1 Level 1

      I bought CS6 upgrade from CS5 this week but it keeps randomly crashing I mainly use CS6 for digital art with my wacom intuos tablet. I have never had this problem with CS5 and I have a decent spec PC with 8 GB Ram and a quadcore CPU so I dont understand why this is happening. In the preferences menu I have save in backround and automatically save information every 10 minutes options checked. But the ironic thing is that when I have been drawing a long time and Photoshop crashes and when I reopen CS6 there is no recovery file and the origional file hasnt been updated with auto save. I have 7 different versions of a particular digital painting I have been working on but CS6 only saved 2 recovery files from the 7 versions and has crashed atleast 16 times between my work. I have CS6 updated to the latest version from online update but the problem still persists. Can anyone offer me any advice?