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    How can you complete a form?


      I converted a PDF document to Word Document.  Our vendor sent a request form for Information needed from our company.  I could not complete the form to submit the information.

      I will have to print the form and fill out by hand.  Why can't I just type in the information? i could have just printed the PDF and completed the form.

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          lawsonbonet Community Member

          Waiting to hear from someone.  I'm not happy with the program, well I have other things to do than to sit and wait for a reply.

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            dave_m_k Adobe Employee

            Hi lawsonbonet,


            I believe you may have some misconceptions about the capabilities of the ExportPDF service.  ExportPDF allows you to convert PDF files to Word documents that you can then edit.  This service will not convert make the PDF file into a fillable form.  You'll still be limited by the format structure of the content within Word.  To convert a PDF file into a fillable form, you'll want to look at Adobe Acrobat.


            If you ever need immediate support for your ExportPDF subscription, our support staff would be happy to assist!  Please visit: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/


            Please let me know if you have any questions.