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    Product Photos


      I am beginning the process of loading items into our new BC website. I am having a problem with the small image not translating correctly to the page. When you view the product on the webpage it is not centered even when it is a very small size. The large images are OK. A BC rep told us it is an issue with the template we are using. They also said that we have custom CSS to reduce the size of the image and we are using lightbox effect.


      A quick explanation is in order. Our latest site was built by a company that closed its doors. We are retailers - not site designers. Having said that we are experienced at maintaining a site and have done so very succesfully for many years.  All other aspects of the site are in order. This last problem is more of an appearance issue than an operational one. I want the thumbnail photos to be perfect.


      The link below will show the example I am referring to.