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    HScrollBar maxScrollPosition bug?

      I have an HScrollBar for which sets the position of a cover flow component.

      Everything works fine (setting the position of the coverflow from the scroll bar and vice versa).

      The scroll bar sets the position fine when you click on a position on the scroll bar, use the arrows but NOT when you drag it.

      It seems that I am unable to set the maxScrollPosition dynamically. If I leave it blank the scroll bar is deactivated. If I give it a default value I can only drag the thumb to that value.

      I have tested I am setting everything ok like so:

      SpreadScrollbar.maxScrollPosition = issuesSpreads.length;
      trace('working ' + SpreadScrollbar.maxScrollPosition.toString());

      The trace prints out a correct value, (say; 19)

      If I set the value of max position in the MXML to {issuesSpreads.length} the scroll bar is greyed out again :(

      Please help,