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    Adobe Premiere Cs6 Windows freezes with Tesla M2090 and Quadro FX 4800


      Premiere works firn with the Quadro FX 4800 in Windows. But I bought a Tesla M2090 and it loses all power. For example a video cannpy be displayed on the monitor screen and if you try to play it on the porgram window, it freezes the whole application. It has to be killed.

      I wonder if anybody ever tested this card. It passes all tests (the M2090) from the Cusa Toolkit.

      Maybe somebody knows a utility to test the Tesla and see if it really works as expected.

      I can open a technical support ticket if it makes sense.


      Update: I moved the Quadro FX and Tesla to a MAC, there is no advantages on speed when exporting a movie. Isn't Premiere supposed to work faster with a Tesla on Mac as well. That is what they told me in tech support. The M2090 does not work in Windows, and in a Mac is not taken into consideration, I guess since Nvidia did not write a Mac driver for this card and it still uses a generic CUDA driver

      I am despondent over this. Adobe support gave me wrong information.