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    How to properly set up a matte to block effects of another matte?

    VidNoob Level 1

      The issue I'm trying to tackle goes like this...


      I have a scene with a tree line and a very washed out sky, it's basically white. In fact it's so white that using the mask tool in secondary color correction bugs out and picks up pixels that aren't even related to the area when i attempt to use the dropper on the area to select it out.


      So what I am trying to do is two fold - I made a title as a matte to go over the sky area with a gradient so that the top is blue and fades to the bottom where the mountains/tree lines would be. However, there is a tree that sticks up into the sky moreso than the rest, and this tree is getting hit by the gradient I made on the title matte for the sky turning the top half of the tree blue.


      So to overcome this, I thought I could make a matte for the tree to not allow the sky matte to affect it.


      So I duplicated the main clip two times, put track matte effects on the two new ones with each going to a seperate matte. I cannot get the tree matte to block the sky matte no matter what i do here.


      On a hunch I put a track matte on the sky matte affecting the tree matte above it on the timeline and that actually worked, however for some reason whne I go to keyframe the tree matte movements across the clip, the tree matte is not actually in the shape of how I made it, it's like the shape plus the entire rest of the frame below the sjy matte.


      Sorry if this is confusing. Anyway would love to hear any solutions.