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    Web App - Search by Suburb instead of Postcode (With Distance)

    Luke Johns



      I hope someone can help me with this.


      We have setup a web app to list the location of all their New Zealand stores.


      The client would like the ability for customers to search by suburb rather than postcode within a 100km radius. Their reasoning behind this is because customers will remember a suburb rather than a postcode.


      I have used the BC module tags, layouts and search forms and it is working perfectly for postcode. I just want to add another input box so that the customer can search by suburbs in their radius (maximum of 100km).


      How would I go about doing this?


      I thought it would be a simple case of copying the 'Postcode' input and updating in to 'City' or 'Suburb' as in example below, but I was mistaken:


      <div class="item">

           Search by Suburb:<br />

           <input type="text" name="City_16000" id="City_16000" class="cat_textbox" maxlength="255" style="width: 180px;" />


      <div class="item">

           Search by Postcode:<br />

           <input type="text" maxlength="255" name="Postcode_16000" id="Postcode_16000" class="cat_textbox" style="width: 150px;" />

           <input type="hidden" id="Country_16000" name="Country_16000" value="NZ"/>