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    toImage tiff file is huge


      We have a Livecycle process that gathers data as xml and then merges the data with a form template using the GeneratePDF activity.  Later we take the generated PDF and convert it to a tiff with the Output toImage activity.  The PDF is 65k in size, but without compression, the generate tiff is around 200m. With compression we can get it down to around 1m to 2m.  At 1m the quality is not the same, noticeably less.  We store the tiff in our document repository where all document are stored as tiff's.  We have processes where we receive pdf documents from external sources and these pdf's convert to tiff's that are about the same size as the original pdf.


      Are there settings/fixes we can use in the GeneratePDF and toImage processes that will help us get a tiff that is closer to the size of the original PDF?