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    Why does Acrobat allocate more width for spaces than for alphanumeric characters?


      When I convert a text file to PDF using Acrobat X Pro, I select a fixed-width font.  However, it appears that Acrobat allocates a greater width for space characters in the text file, than it does for alphanumeric characters in the text file.  How do I instruct Acrobat to use exactly the same width for all the characters, both spaces and visible characters?


      This question is actually a re-write of my previous post titled, ‘Bulk Convert Text to PDF with Acrobat’.  I know what the problem is now but do not how to fix it.


      Here's a mock example of the content of a text file.  In the resulting PDF, the H no longer lies directly under the G.  I chose Courier New 8 pt for the font.



                H          H          H          H          H          H


      Any suggestion will be appreciated.  Thank you.