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    Using the JavaScript Debugger with Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) ?


      Hello all,


      Quite new to JavaScript in Acrobat I am trying to write a 4 page Form with CenoPDF and check/debug it with Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) on a Windows 7 (32bit, usually no Admin rights) PC. I realise Acrobat Professional would be a more appropriate tool, but for the moment I hope to get away with Reader.


      Following this instruction I managed to get the Javascript Debugger running with Reader X, but there is a serious issue:

      The Debugger window often crashes - and with it the whole Reader - after clicking around on a few controls (triangles in the Scripts window or others). First the font changes, then letters disappear, controls disappear and soon after the whole user interface freezes (see the two screenshots below).


      Do others also have problems with crashing Debuggers?

      Is there a known solution or work around to this problem?


      Many thanks for your help or some info, BobDuke