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    Switching XML sheets


      Hi people. I will try and explain as simply as possible on this one...


      i have the following AS2 script:


      ManualPlay.onRelease = function(){


          _global.xmlVersion = assets;



      AutoPlay.onRelease = function(){


          _global.xmlVersion = assets_auto;




      i then have another script that detects if the xmlVersion is assets_auto and if true stop the timeline else continue playing:




      if (_global.xmlVerson == assets_auto)


          trace("auto mode");





           trace("manual mode");




      All the traces seem to come back correct but the actions dont seem to take affect. it always goes to manual mode and the timeline continues to play.


      i think i need to convert the assets_auto etc value to a string or something but i dont really understand what i need to do.


      any help will be amazing thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you do not have quotations around your "assets" and "assets_auto" everywhere they appear, then you probably need to, unless those are names of variables that have other values assigned somewhere else.

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            DMB89 Level 1

            i tried with the "" but no luck.


            They are just used do determine where to look for SWF files eg:


            loadMovie("config/"+ xmlVersion +"/"+nextslide, slidePlayer);


            however in my timeline there is a section i dont want to play if xmlVersion == assets_auto.


            however it just keeps ignoreing this bit of script.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You should trace the value of _global.xmlVersion just before the conditional to see what it is...






              if (_global.xmlVerson == "assets_auto")


              and if you are still missing the quotes which I show above, they need to be there (the forum does remove quotes at times)