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    Recording forced to stop low system resources

    quayfee Level 1

      Hi Everyone, I hop that you can help.


      I'm trying Captivate as a solution for ctreating online tutorials for my clients. This involves on-screen demos along with soem text slides, nothing fancy...


      Up until today I'v e been very happy with what I have been able to do. Screen recording has been great. Took a few goes to get the settings that I wanted but very happy.


      Yesterday i was able to recrord 10 minutes plus in one hit, perfect, saved it into the project and all was good. Today, having rebooted the machine and actually running fewer other apps, I can't record more than about 1.5 - 2 minutes before Captivate stops recording and creates a slide. I realise that this is likely toi relate to my PC (Windows 7, 9650 Core 2 Quad, 8GB RAM and 2TB HDD).


      Oh, and it's Captivate 5.5.


      Does anyone havew any suggestions as to where to look and what might cause this?