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    How do I paste text into a text frame created via a master page?

    Jane in Shropshire Level 1

      I'm battling with InDesign CS 5.5 (on a Mac running OS 10.7.4): I'm sure this is very basic, but I just cannot work it out. (I'm a photographer, not a graphic designer, so a beginner with InDesign.)


      I've created a series of master pages in order to lay out a book that's 50:50 text and photographs. I'm trying to paste text into a new page based on one of my text master pages. I can see the text box on the page as a dotted outline, but I cannot seem to paste into it. When I try and click and do a command-V, InDesign instead creates a small square box with the first few words of the text in it.


      Should I not have designed my book using master pages? I thought that if I placed my graphics and text boxes (for captions as well as the main text) on these master pages, it would then be easy to fill the boxes with text and images. Instead the pages based on these masters look like tantalising fantasies, showing me ghosts of the real text and graphic boxes I need for my book.


      (I've already had a disastrous initial attempt to add the text to my document by Placing the whole Word file, when I knew it would need further editing to fit - I then couldn't delete the superflous pages without  creating text doubled up on odd pages; and when I tried unlinking the text boxes stuff disappeared all over the place. I thought pasting one section at a time instead would be foolproof. But not so far.)