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    How limit form to single page?

    Carol_H Level 1

      [LiveCycleDesigner ES2 ver 9.0]


      I want to limit the completed form to one page. There are three multiple-line text boxes (QuestionA, QuestionB, QuestionC) as the last three things on the form, all grouped within a subform (subGroup). subGroup is contained within subPage1.


      • subPage1 is Positioned, Place: Following Previous, After: ContinueFillingParent and neither Auto-fit is checked on the Layout tab.


      • subGroup is Flowed Top to bottom (so three Question boxes will expand/move down to accommodate long answers). Pagination tab is grayed out, and Layout > Height Auto-fit is checked (but grayed out).


      I want users to be able to type as much as they need in the three Question boxes, but not go beyond one page. If necessary, they must shorten their typed answers.


      As it stands now, the second Question box moves down when multiple lines are typed in the first, etc., but they continue to move off the bottom of the page as additional text is typed, especially in the third box.


      How do I confine everything to just one page without predetermining the size of the three

      Question response boxes?


                Thanks!              ~Carol

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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Carol,


          you can use the maxH property together with the vScrollPolicy property.

          Designer will create a warning sing, but the field will do what you want.


          Select your field ad then switch into the XML Source view.

          Add the maxH property into the <field> tag.

          Here an example of a field that is initially 150x20 mm and can grow up to 50mm height, but doesn't allow to enter texts that wont be visible in the visible area of the maximum field size.


          <field name="TextField1" y="10mm" x="10mm" w="150mm" minH="20mm" maxH="50mm">
                         <textEdit multiLine="1" hScrollPolicy="off" vScrollPolicy="off">
                               <edge stroke="lowered"/>
                      <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/>
                      <margin topInset="1mm" bottomInset="1mm" leftInset="1mm" rightInset="1mm"/>
                      <caption reserve="25mm">
                            <text>Text Field</text>
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            Carol_H Level 1

            I think I understand...Do I add that to each of the three question fields? Or to the subGroup subform? Or both? Or the subPage1 subform?


            In this project, I don't care how much or little  they enter in each of the three question fields - just so the combination of entries does not cause anything to run off the page.


                        Thanks!             ~Carol