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    French accented characters in a barcode are being dropped when scanned by a handheld scanner

    g5spark Level 1

      We have an issue when our pdf417 barcodes contain french accented characters é,à,è, etc and are scanned by a handheld scanner.  As a result Montréal is decoded as Montral (the é is dropped).  We are using the Datalogic PowerScan 7000 and a Motorola Symbol DS6608 handheld scanners.  We currently have a ticket open with Datalogic.


      The problem does not exist when the barcode is decoded by LC Barocded Forms.Decode.


      Talking to someone, they indicated that this is pretty common with handhelds.  However, I did find this old post from lee sutton  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/332743 where he uses a keyboard wedge?


      Has anyone had to deal with a similar issue (non-english chars) via handheld?

      Can anyone recommend a handheld that does read non-eng characters without the wedge?

      Is there something in the encoding from Designer that i can do?