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    Weird Font Warning Problem

    leejk Level 1



      When debugging my application in FB, I am getting the following warning when a certain component is loaded:


      warning: incompatible embedded font 'Arial' specified for spark.components::Label (Label172) . This component requires that the embedded font be declared with embedAsCFF=true.


      The weird thing is that I am not using embedded fonts. If I change the label in this component to any other font name the warning goes away. What is causing this strange behavior?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Could it be coming from some library you are using?  A –link-report should help you pin down where it is coming from.

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            leejk Level 1

            Good idea. Here is the dependent ouput for that particular component. I don't see anything though that would cause this, do you?


            <script name="/src/components/SubfamilyThumb.mxml" mod="1342542458000" size="10036" optimizedsize="6767">

                  <def id="components:SubfamilyThumb" />

                  <pre id="flash.events:IEventDispatcher" />

                  <pre id="mx.binding:IBindingClient" />

                  <pre id="spark.components:Group" />

                  <dep id="flash.events:Event" />

                  <dep id="spark.components:VGroup" />

                  <dep id="mx.core:mx_internal" />

                  <dep id="mx.binding:IWatcherSetupUtil2" />

                  <dep id="spark.components:Label" />

                  <dep id="spark.primitives:BitmapImage" />

                  <dep id="_components_SubfamilyThumbWatcherSetupUtil" />

                  <dep id="mx.binding:Binding" />

                  <dep id="AS3" />

                  <dep id="mx.core:FlexGlobals" />

                  <dep id="mx.graphics:SolidColor" />

                  <dep id="flash.utils:getDefinitionByName" />

                  <dep id="spark.primitives:Line" />

                  <dep id="mx.events:FlexEvent" />

                  <dep id="mx.events:PropertyChangeEvent" />

                  <dep id="views:SubfamilyOverviewView" />

                  <dep id="flash.utils:Dictionary" />

                  <dep id="mx.graphics:SolidColorStroke" />

                  <dep id="spark.components:HGroup" />

                  <dep id="spark.primitives:Rect" />

                  <dep id="ui:LayoutConstants" />

                  <dep id="com.cat.cmms:CmmsConstants" />

                  <dep id="mx.binding:BindingManager" />

                  <dep id="mx.core:IFlexModuleFactory" />

                  <dep id="flash.events:MouseEvent" />

                  <dep id="XML" />


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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              No, but I think the font will show up in the link report which will prove that somebody requested embedding.


              You may also need to look at the generated styles code as well with the –keep MXMLC option.

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                leejk Level 1

                Found it. Searching the link report for "font" turned up a few suspicious entries in an external swc file that had embeded fonts in it, even though that swc file was not being used by the component that was throwing the warning. Anyway, getting rid of those fonts fixed the problem. Thx for pointing me in the right direction.