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    IIS 7 Outbound Rewrite Rules Not Working


      Can someone please give me a definative answer if there is a work around for this bug.     I am creating a new web app on CF8 and IIS 7 in which I would like to utilize IIS for SEO friendly URLS - Inbound and Outbound.


      I know there are other ways of doing this w/ frameworks, ISAPI etc...   I am not looking to do that.


      I have inbound rewrite rules working great.   As soon as the outbound rules are enabled in IIS, all requests that go through the CF Server get killed w/ connection reset.   HTML pages will work fine - just anything processed through the CF server is killed.  


      I have tried many suggestions like:


      make sure static or dynamic copression is disabled...

      try disabling and re-enabling compression...

      set outboundRules rewriteBeforeCache="false"...


      None of these have worked so far.    I even tried the old hack of adding .htm into the web.xml file for CF server to process - didn't work as anticipated.   I have read some replies of possibly CF Server is to fault b/c of it serving chunked data ?   Until I can get a definitive answer .. I feel I am just spinning my wheels hoping to find a work around.   Thank you kindly for replies.