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    Cannot export to PDF with grayscale PDF in layout

    Monsetta Level 1

      IDCS5.5, MacPro, OSX 10.7.4


      I am working on a grayscale teacher’s guide that accompanies a CMYK schoolbook. The introduction pages contain miniature pages of the workbook (formatted as grayscale PDF), but InDesign refuses to output those pages as PDF ("Impossible d’exporter le fichier PDF"), or when it does produce a PDF (when exporting page by page), Acrobat warns of a possible problem and stuff is missing on the resulting page, not necessarily from the grayscale minipages.


      I have tried grayscale PDFs created from the original CMYK PDFs in Acrobat Pro X, grayscale PDFs exported from the original CMYK file in InDesign CS6, PDFs reduced to 20% in InDesign, PDFs reduced to 20% with a third-party application and imported in ID at 100%, and all sort of variations on the export values. The problem is also present in InDesign CS4 (after exporting the file as IDML) and in CS6.


      The thing is, there is no problem at all if I use the CMYK PDF version of the minipages (I then turned the resulting PDF into grayscale with Acrobat Pro X). But the printer expects to see only grayscale images in a grayscale job, not color... and a Photoshop version of those minipages is not acceptable.


      Has anybody encountered that problem? Can you reproduce it, i.e. can you export to PDF if you use any type of grayscale PDFs in your layout?