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    communication html-pdf




      I am developing an application PDF-Viewer


      I set annotations on my pdf document. My Pdf/javascript posts annotation list to html/javascript, html/javascript stores annotations into database through ajax.


      When I restart my application, html/javascript retrieves all annotation from database and posts them to pdf/javascript. So they are added on my pdf document


      Problem :


      My PDF pages are loaded later than HTML document and I had Html/Javascript error:

      postMessage is not a function


      For correct this error I wrote something like that :


      var a = (typeof myPDF.postMessage);

      if(a != 'undefined')



      Now It works but not all time, sometimes I have an error :

      Error calling method on NPObject


      I think that my pdf document is not entirely loaded


      Is it possible to signalilze from PDF that my document is ready?