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    Cairngorm "Array of input arguments did not contain a required parameter at position 1"




      I having issues with a legacy application that consumes Oracle SOA and uses the Cairngorm framework.  We are now upgrading to Oracle 11g and the wsdls have changed.  The request itself has changed in that it has 3 nesting levels, while the prior service required 2 only.  Below is the SoapUI request generated in SoapUI (works fine run in SoapUI).


      If I remove the request from Cairngorm into a little test app that sends the webservice, it works fine, although the request object is built *exactly the same* as that within Cairngorm  (code that builds the request is below).


      However, when I use the exact same method of building the request object and send via the Cairngorm delegate, the service is never fired, but debugging shows:


      RPC Fault faultString="Array of input arguments did not contain a required parameter at position 1"


      So, I do believe it has something do do with Cairngorm. 


      Anyone else run across this?  I am stumped and cannot find a resolution anywhere!




      This is the SOAPUI request.

      <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:wvul="http://edu/wvu/designee/WvuLrsUpdateLrsDesigneeWs.wsdl" xmlns:typ="http://edu/wvu/designee/WvuLrsUpdateLrsDesigneeWs.wsdl/types/">






                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
















      This is my request:


      var reqObject:Object

      = new Object;


      = 41623;


      = 41623;


      = null;

      var pDesigneeTab:Object

      = new Object;

      var wvuLrsAssignDesigneeObjUser:Object

      = new Object;


      = "P";


      = "Y";

      wvuLrsAssignDesigneeObjUser.designeePositionId= 2275189;


      = 143;

      var sDate:Date

      = new Date(2012, 06, 13);

      wvuLrsAssignDesigneeObjUser.effectiveStartDate= sDate;

      = "Taylor, Georgia Stephanie";

      var eDate:Date

      = new Date(2012, 07, 31)

      wvuLrsAssignDesigneeObjUser.effectiveEndDate= eDate;

      =  wvuLrsAssignDesigneeObjUser;


      = pDesigneeTab