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    "Photoshop about to die" message




      When starting up Photoshop CS5 on my Mac OS10.5.8 machine, I received this message in a pop up prompt box:


      "I'm deadfully sorry, but Photoshop is about to die with a NSInternalInconsistencyException exception (because Error (1000) creating CGSWindow)."


      Neither Photoshop nor ACR would open. I shut down the machine and restarted. Then Photoshop, ACR and Bridge were again acting normally.


      Has anyone encountered this before?


      Thank very much.



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          That's a message we put in for very, very early system errors -- so early that we don't have the UI ready or the full OS API initialized.


          Basically it means that you have a serious problem with your OS installation and that OS APIs that should never fail, are failing.


          (also, we did fix the typo in CS6 -- we missed seeing it in testing because it is such a rare error message)

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            Thanks for the reply. I am not familiar with UI or API. Could you please rephrase the response for a guy who knows little about the internal workings of the machine. What exactly do I have to worry about and what steps should I take? I've been using this version of PS on this same machine every day for at least a couple of years with no problems.


            Does this mean my drive is about to fail? Do I need to reinstall the OS? Do I need to reinstall PS? Please clarify and advise.


            Thank you very much.



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              UI = User Interface


              API = Application Programming Interface (how the applicaction interacts with the OS)



              Short version: something in your OS or machine is seriously hosed.

              That could be disk damage, a bad haxie or system utility, a virus, bad RAM, bad CPU, etc.

              But most likely it's a corrupt file or bad utility.


              Try turning off or removing any system utilities you've installed.

              If that doesn't work, back up all your data, run repairs on the disk, then reinstall the OS after erasing the disk.