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    auto-save doesn't always auto-save???

    dv416 Level 1

      Mac 10.7.4

      CS 6.0.1


      Just had an AWESOME double whammy kernal panic / no auto-save. A good 25 minutes of work... down the toilet. YAY!


      The curious thing is though... that my auto-save settings are set to save every 10 minutes. So, that my last auto-save file was a whole 25 minutes prior is to say the least, troubling. How could this have happened? And how do I make sure it never happens again. I really MUST have auto-save every 10 minutes. It's the last line of defense to cushion the blow of these egregious instability issues on mac. If premiere takes that away from me too, I don't know what I'll do.



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          needles27 Level 3

          I did some testing with auto-save and found a situation which may have affected you.


          Adobe changed the way auto-save works with CS6 - in previous versions when it hit the auto-save inteval, it would stop playback (and anything else you were doing) to fire off a save.  This was a terrible solution, since AS should not interrupt your work.  Now with CS6, it will not interrupt your playback, but it is still not smart.


          If you are playing back your sequence during a time when the AS should fire off, then AS will wait until the next interval comes around.  However, if you happen to be playing your footage at that time as well, then it start over and wait again for the next interval - so, in effect, you can be cancelling out your AS by playing your footage during each AS interval.  Completely terrible.  If AS was smart, it would be a background process which would look for a downtime moment to do its job.  I would be totally fine with waiting for the AS to finish right after hitting stop on my sequence, for example.


          So, I don't know if this is what happened to you, but it is a culprit. 

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            dv416 Level 1

            I'm sure that's it then. What a terrible idea from Adobe. The whole point of auto-save is to save your project automatically. If that feature disables from something to trivial asplayback, then they've GOT to find a better answer.


            Background saving would be fantastic. During playback, even when you're actively clicking around, it should just pick a moment and save the project as it appeared at that time. Maybe there's also a way for the software to only update the small portion of the project that actually changed from the previous, instead of having to write a whole new file from scratch. Project files are HUGE - and ever growing - so anything to reduce the time / inconvenience of frequent saving is essential. ESPECIALLY when your product is as unstable as CS6.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Interesting what users want.


              There is an active thread, where users do NOT want AutoSave to kick in, while doing something else. Here, users DO want it to come into play, when doing something else.


              Now, I am not saying that there should not be possible toggles, but I am not sure that Adobe can please everyone, all of the time.



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                dv416 Level 1

                Honestly, I wouldn't care about the auto-save function at all,  if the software was actually reliable. Problem is, CS6 / mac lion is incredibly unstable, meaning auto-save functionality is absolutely crucial.


                Adding a more robust settings menu for auto-save with some check boxes / toggles seems like a no brainer. Do that either way. But fixing the kernal panics and serious errors should still absolutely be priority one.

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                  josephs51576386 Level 3

                  Auto save drives me insane

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                    needles27 Level 3



                    I think Adobe had it wrong in previous versions, changed it for CS6, and still has it wrong.  The users on the other thread are (rightly) complaining about how it used to interrupt playback, and I feel like the way it is implemented now is a bit better, but ultimately unreliable as described above. 


                    The smart way it can be implemented (which FCP and Avid already figured out) is to not have AS interrupt playback, but be smart enough to not miss an AS interval - in practice this would mean that if playback is occuring during an AS interval, immediately upon hitting the spacebar to pause playback, the AS would kick in, utilizing the brief moment of downtime. 


                    Of course AS needs to use resources and lock out the user for a brief moment, but Premiere can be much smarter about when to take over and be reliable at the same time...

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                      BGPictures Level 1

                      Autosave doesn't seem to be working on my Mac: 10.8.2 PrP 6.0.2.


                      I crashed PrP by keyframing position on a large .jpg, and then turning off the keyframes. After the crash, the autosave's most recent version was an hour old. I have autosave set to 20 minutes.


                      My project is only 12 minutes long, so the playback-delay-save theory does not work.


                      Also, I saw the autosave progress bar. It seems to ber saving.


                      Anybody have a suggestion aside from buying a PC?