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    Homesite keeps asking for serial number

    MailOrderWarBride Community Member

      My Homesite 5.5 was working fine until a few weeks ago.  Now it continually asks for the serial number whenever I log in.  Even when providing it, the serial number screen will keep flashing until I cancel out.  Only after I provide the serial information (after canceling out) will the program open.  I am on Windows 7.  I wonder if one of their goofy upgrades has ruined my beloved program?

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          Dami11 Community Member

          Just started having this problem myself.


          I am thoroughly disgusted that Adobe has removed this wonderful little program from the update and support list.  I refuse to EVER use Dreamweaver.  If I wanted a program that bloated my code, inserted useless stuff without my knowledge, I'd use FrontPage.  Looks like I'll have to be trying out other programs.  This is really too bad.  It's a nice program.