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    EncryptedLocalStore not working.

      When I test EncryptedLocalStore in debug all works fine but after I compile and install it fails to work. I'm using flash cs3. Does it have anything to do with the fact that i'm using a digital certificate from flash and not my own? I have no idea i'm grasping at straws here someone please help.
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          Running in debug vs. installed will give you access to *different* encrypted local stores, as the installed one is tied to the signature used to sign the .air file.

          I suspect it's more likely that you're running into this issue than that the feature is not working. WIthout a description of the behavior you've encountered, however, it's impossible to tell.

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            Overseere Level 1
            ok I hope I can explain this without making it to convoluted please forgive me . I did a simple test with EncryptedLocalStore works fine. I use it in my program it works fine in debug.

            I install the program. It has login screen with a check box to remember user. I check it and login. If login is successful I EncryptedLocalStore.setItem when program shutdown. I have about 8 bytearrays i use writeUTFBytes on each of them with own bytearrays and names. I shut the program down.when i start it up it's should load the EncryptedLocalStore like it does in debug but it doesn't and it doesn't run the statement( statement to place my TextInput components in the proper place) after the EncryptedLocalStore.getItem and other setups. Now I thought it must be an error somewhere just before that but it works in debug just fine with no error not only that. If I change the code a lil bit compile then install the program (here is the kicker) is finds EncryptedLocalStore sets up the TextInputs and I login no problem . If I restart it fails again.

            Does this help in anyway? Will giving you air file help in anyway? What can I do to find this problem? seeing that it only happens out of debug.
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              Overseere Level 1
              OK I thought I had it all working. When I go into "Application & installer Settings" include a file in "include file" and add database.db then it fails. I do not see how the two are connected. would you have any idea what it would be?
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                Overseere Level 1
                I just dynamically created the database works even better this way anyway, cause on a update it would write over the database and lose the data.
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                  Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
                  If you *modify* any files that are installed with the application--such as a .db file--then you will invalidate the application's signature and lose access to your encrypted local store. This is one of many reasons you shouldn't modified installed files; copy them to a writable location instead. Perhaps this is what you're running in to.

                  Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering