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    How do I pass a string variable from a movieclip timeline to a url request inside of a class?

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      I've coded an audio player class I'd like to be able to reuse throughout my project to play a different sound in each movieclip. The audio player works great and the sound loads when I request the url from within the class but I'm having trouble requesting the url coded on the parent movieclip's timeline.


      I have an instance of a movieclip named musicPlayer in 4 different parent movieclips that is linked to a class named MusicPlayer which contains my audio player code.


      To test, in one of the parent movieclips, I've placed the following code to set the url path to a string variable:


      var mp3url = "tuba.mp3";


      Then, in my class I've declared the same variable as a string:


      public var mp3url:String;


      and tried passing it to my url request:


      mp3File.load(new URLRequest(mp3url));


      I'm then receiving an error: "1151: A conflict exists with definition mp3url in namespace internal."



      As mentioned above, the sound is loaded perfectly when I set the url path to a string variable within my class like so:


      public var mp3url:String = "tuba.mp3";



      Thank you in advance!