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    Use a movieclip in another Frame.

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      Hello everyone,

      I'm making a Flash Lite application right now. I need to display some pictures in that application. The URL of those pictures are in a phpMyAdmin database and I read those URL's with a PHP file. I created a square with no fill and converted is as a MovieClip called 'fotoLoader'.

      I need to download everything on 1 frame but display the content on different frames. Below this message is the download code I use on the download frame page.

      I use this line to load a picture into the movieclip:

      Anyway, when I'm edit a new frame and I drag the movieclip from the library and give it the instance name 'fotoLoader' it won't display the photo! Why not?

      I tried everything and i'm stuck for about 2 days now but nothing seems to help. I don't use any unload or remove funtions.

      I hope someone can help me.