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    Signing  and Air Application

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      I have built an Air application using flash and am ready to deploy.  The final step is signing the code signing, but this is turning out to be a much bigger deal than I guessed. 


      So let me start with the obvious question is it the case that code signing on a PC can't be done from within the development environment?  In other words in the the Adobe Air Application Settings Signature tab, is there any third party certificate that can be created and then selected in the same way that one selects self signed certificates? 


      Is this possible (easy) to do on MAC?  If it is can the MAC produce a windows native installer?


      I do not have a problem with using the command prompt in Windows but I immediately encountered an error (adk not recognized) and was referred to two different forums with looooong articles on resolving the problem so I am at the moment frsutrated with all the extra work it's taking to get this done.


      Any insight would be appreciated,






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          So in case anyone else stimbles across this after much trial and error and chat sessions with the company who issued the certificate it camed own to this.  YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN THE CERTIFICATE PASSWORD.


          Here's an article:




          Also, while the solotion was documented and I'm told the online instructions will be updated to reflect the solution, the command prompt method suggested by DigiCert for signing the certificate didn't work and I was (after exporting the certificate to a pfx format) able to simply select the certificate from within the Adobe Air Settings pop-up menu-- signature tab, enter the password (WITHOUT ANY SEPCIAL CHARCTERS) and publish.