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    Can HTML based browsers rotate along with a Desktop AIR application if browser is modular?


      I get a buged out browser module in my Desktop AIR application after doing an application level rotation/orientation-change/flip screen for viewing on other side of monitor .



      Most of the HTML content rotates 180 degrees without any issue, but, it seems some of the "components" aren't getting with the program.


      Dropdown box lists don't rotate, even though the button to initate use of the dropdown list does. So, when viewing the application from the new orientation,

      the dropdown lists are upside down from an end user perspective ( just never rotated properly from a developer perspective )



      I was having to flip my application by sending out a message to a service and recieving the call from a WCF to tell the whole OS to flip via WIN32 API but

      64bit operating systems do this a lot slower, so i'm trying to find a new solution.



      I am wondering if a workaround can be done by replacing the misbehaving things like the dropdown box with native flex components?


      Any thoughts/ideas/conclusions?