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    How to fill a form from php variables using sdk in VB?




      I would like to know how can I pull variables sent from php into my sdk  code for VB? I already pull variables from a SQL database but I need the user Id and the password, and date range In order to select which documents i will be filling with my program. This is what i got so far.


      I pull an array from documents that need to be filled by certain user, I pull all the info contained in the database, everything works great if it doesnt find a file on the user pc It looks for the next one. But what I need to do, is some how in the webpage give user id and password parameters to the application i developed and this would be as a PHP Post variable, a friend told me that command lines could be the answer, I have been looking for it but havent found a solution. I share some parts of my coding that will be the most significant parts.


      myData.Rows(i).Item is my array generated by my SQL query, but this is hard coded in the app, I want to pull it from the web page as a PHP variable.



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          lrosenth Adobe Employee

          I am sorry but I don’t understand the question.


          PHP is a server-based language, but Adobe Acrobat can NOT be used on a server.  And since the SDK requires Acrobat, this doesn’t seem to make any sense.

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            juliusgonzalez Level 1

            Thanks for the fast response,


            Maybe I am not explaining myself so well, I am running an application on a web page in which our employees report every day their jobs and tasks done. We can generate  power point reports, excel files and we generate PDFs with that info submitted.


            Refering to my question is that the way we do generate the PDFs is givin the exe program  certain inputs I put on the very first image like,  ID, Password, Initial Date, End Date.  This parameters inside the coding works as input and that inputs make a validation on SQL an pull the number of documents that must be filled in PDF. That is not a problem, I can fill my documents with texts and signature fields.


            What I want to do, is from the webpage give my exe program the inputs told before ID, Password.... and automatically fill in my local machine the documents I am talking about.


            So my main question would be, how can I interact with the OLE Forms Automation VB code and receive a PHP variable? To be used as my inputs on my exe program. I friend of mine told me something about command line, that is handled by windows but what i have read the only thing that could be used is to open, close or print something but not creating an array with these variables. My friend told me that he knows how to transform a  php post variable into command line, so what i am missing is to pull that command line into the VB SDK code.


            I really hope you can help me.