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    after effects multicore settings advice


      Hi guys,


      I just got cs6 master collection working on my 64 bit machine. I remember when I installed cs4 on this machine I had to go into preferences in After Effects and enable multicore editing or such to take advantage of all my 16gb ram and i7 processor. Does anyone have any advice on getting the most from the master collection like this? and indeed in other programs, not just after effects.


      Edit: I have read all the blog threads relating to this and think I have done it right.

      My machine is 8 cores, 16gb ram, i7 processor with nvidia gtx 580 card.....


      I have set the RAM reserved for other applications to 6 gb./ CPUs reserved for other applications to 3 / RAM allocation per background CPU to 3gb. / actual CPUs that will be used is 2.


      Many thanks,