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    What about South Africa Adobe?


      We would love to GoCreate, but it seems that Adobe is not giving South Africans an equal opportunity to do this.


      As designers we were thrilled with MUSE as a breakthrough and a breath of fresh air, and most importantly, a product that can bridge the divide between designers and developers.


      Our developer joined us at the CS6 launch and was gobsmacked at how incredible all the Adobe tools are. All we wanted to do was to get going with Adobe. However, upon enquiring about getting on board, particularly with MUSE, we discovered that you can only purchase MUSE as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. This is fine if you are a designer, but a waste for developers as they will not use all the products within CreativeCloud.


      Prior to the CS6 launch MUSE’s $14.99 / month launch subscription offering was affordable, yes! But strangely, that deal is not available to South Africans. We have to fork out more than R8 000 per user per year for it - which equates to $976.23, opposed to $179,88 -  as we are regarded as an “emerging market/3rd world country. Why bother launching to us then on false pretences? We addressed this with Adobe SA, below is their response


      “We represent the brand locally and have been fighting for this as well.

      The same as with other vendors like Apple, some features were excluded from emerging markets until the market readiness for these products has properly been assessed. To the local teams it’s always of interest for us to make sure that these programs are rolled out regionally, but sometimes we are lower on the priority list than other markets.


      We are pushing very hard to get these products added to our region and the good news is that this is happening although slower then expected. The Adobe Creative Cloud Team Ready is a bridging application that allows for this to happen. “


      Lets hope that Adobe will wake up to the South African market and not discriminate!