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    bridge cs6 output is watermark »place on each image« now default

    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

      Regarding the Output Module »bridge_reference.pdf« states


      Add a text or graphical watermark to each page or each image. Customize the text font, size, and color.

      Customize the text or graphic’s scale, opacity, offset, and rotation.

      In CS5 there was a checkbox »Place on Each Image« that I can’t seem to locate in CS6.

      So has the reference file just been adjusted to new levels of limited usefullness or was the ability to add watermarks either to a page or each image on the page really dropped in CS6?



      Thanks for any info.


      Edit: Mac OSX 10.6.8


      Edit 2: Saving a Template in CS5 and transfering that to CS6 can, it seems, apply a Watermark to the page instead of the images.

      One can then change the other settings but not create such a Template in CS6 from scratch without starting from a Template that already has the setting.


      It seems like the setting works fine, but the interface element is missing … which, if true, would appear to be a bit of a blunder.