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    DW 5.5 Remote/ Local View Problem


      DW won't display both LOCAL AND REMOTE files together in the smaller panel view any more. I must expand the file tree to the larger screen view to even see the HIDDEN remote icon to allow both local and remote display together- ONLY ON THE LARGE SCREEN. The icon appeared at one time in the smaller Repository view but disappeared again. After I minimized the panel and upon expansion again the remote view was gone, along with the remote icon!


      Furthermore, DW no longer will display an F12 browser window correctly. The F12 command goes to the remote server instead of opening a local view and I get a 404 File Not Found or a put command occurs if it's connected. Looks like I'll have to reinstall the program. No replies on this.


      .DW changes the interface constanly without prompts.

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          bobsoriginal Level 1

          Solution to this bug for me was System Restore (must have been registry related)...that fixed the F12 weirdness. Then I opted for Dual Screen Layout, which now shows the invisible remote icon in a small context. You can't move those icons around in the toolbar either. They're stuck. Now back to the real problems...CSS3 etc.