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    CS5 Video Clip no longer auto plays





      I have a video player that I'm creating in Flash -- my video clips are on different scenes and I wanted a "menu" bar to allow the viewer to pick which scene they wanted. I found tutorials for various scrolling thumbnail menu bars and I eventually found a code which allowed me to click from scene to scene.



      However, now that the menu bar works, the video clips do not automatically play anymore and I'm not sure why.



      This is the link to my file: http://www.mediafire.com/?y7oofbwg444lnp8



      I only have one action script on the scene, which is the top layer that has [AS]stop();[/AS]



      I have two buttons on either side of the video clip:

      [AS]on (press) {

                nextScene(); play();





      on (press) {

                gotoAndPlay("SI", 1);







      This is the coding for the scrolling menu bar:



      Frame 1:

      [AS]// Photoscroller 2.0

      // Original Author: Barry Driessen

      // E-mail: barry@e-factory.

      // Upgraded by: Rob Gungor

      // Email: robgungor@mac.com

      // I don't care if u use this thingy, you don't have to

      // give me credit for it. Just knock yourself out with it!!


      // If you like it or have suggestions, just drop me an e-mail!


      // **stupid people tip**

      // to use this scroller as is --

      //copy all the frames in the timeline (by right/(control //for mac) click, copy frames)

      //then right click on your timeline  and paste frames


      //sorry if that is insulting, but when I first started this stuff, I was dumb too :-)


      // Okay... First let's set some variables......


      // Xphoto = startposition of the scoll image

      xphoto = 258;


      // Widthmovie = This variable hase to be set to the

      // same amount of the moviewidth

      widthmovie = 325;


      // Scrollspeed = The scollspeed of the image (high numbers result in slow scrolls 10=average)

      scrollspeed = 25;


      // widthphoto = the width of your scrollable image in pixels

      widthphoto = 2116;[/AS]



      Frame 2:

      [AS]// Setting the xmouse to 0 in the centre of the movie:

      xmouse = _xmouse - (widthmovie / 2);

      // Setting the speed:

      speed = (xmouse) / scrollspeed;

      // If the speed is negative, the speed will be made positive here:

      if (speed < 0) {

                speed = -(speed);




      //new function courtesy of Rob

      //basically says that if the mouse isn't betwen these two y points it won't work

      //**stupid people tip**

      //make sure that you figure out the top and bottom y points of your "photo" and insert them accordingly!

      mouseposition = getProperty("/myself", _y);

      if (_ymouse < 330) {





      if (_ymouse > 390) {







      // If the mouse moves to left, the photo will scroll to the right:

      // (That makes sense.... Doesn't it!! ;-)

      if (xmouse < 258) {

                xphoto = xphoto + speed;


      // If the mouse moves to the right, the photo will scroll to the left:

      if (xmouse > 258) {

                xphoto = xphoto - speed;






      // Checking for the left end of the image:

      if (xphoto > 258) {

                xphoto = 258;


      // Checking for the right end of the image:

      if (xphoto < -(widthphoto - widthmovie)) {

                xphoto = -(widthphoto - widthmovie);


      // Placing the moviclip (photo) on it's new postition:

      setProperty("photo", _x, xphoto);




      [AS]gotoAndPlay (2)







      // make sure this clip this in your movie when you copy it. 


      //**last stupid people tip**

      // if you copy these frames into any other frames other than 1, make sure you change the frame that it repeats (ie. if you copy these 3 action frames into 5,6,7 "gotoAndPlay (6)")--

      ///ok duh-i know. :-)



      // The mouseovers are quite simple. Just open the Movieclip "MouseOver"

      // to see how it works...



      //                                       Have fun!!!!!

      //**i realized that it's more fun when drinking beer.





      Then inside the thumbnail, to make it serve as a button:

      [AS]on (rollOver) {





      on (rollOut) {





      on (release) {

                // You can assign an actionscript to each Button in here: